Gather Data Faster & Easier

The Admins Guide to Google Forms | taught by Jessica Worley

Data Rocks!

Need Google PD but on a busy schedule?

Not a Super Techie when it comes to Technology?

I get it! This course was created for you! Let me take you step by step and teach you how to build the perfect form for your needs. 

Learn how to create Forms that work for you!

Our Learning Objectives:

  • 33 Examples of when to use Google Forms
  • How to create a basic form.
  • Upgrade your Forms with custom Headers.
  • Bring your team on board with Collaboration.
  • Send your form to gather data
  • Looking at your data & creating charts.
  • Take forms to the next level with Add on's. 

Let's get started!

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About Your Instructor

Jessica Worley

Jessica Worley

GooLeadershipSchool Trainer

I’m Jessica, a classroom teacher turned Instructional Technology Coach. I have my Masters in Education for Technology Integration.  I'm also a Google Certified Teacher, Professional Development Rockstar and I love working with techies of all skill levels. I help Leaders in Education, and their teams integrate Google into their everyday lives.